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Introducing our Newest Addition...

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#TPT Yellow Cat Jr.png
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#TPT Blue Dog JB.png
#TPT Yellow Bunny JB.png
#TPT Pink Cat JB.png
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Jibber-Jabber-Jibber-Jabber: Rapid and excited speech that is difficult to understand 

(...but they can understand you!)

Fun For All Ages

Introducing from Sankyo Toys, fun-loving Jabber Balls that are jibber-jabbering all over town! Squeeze them, toss them, or carry them around! Our cute collection of babbling animals will make you laugh and give you hours of fun!

Jabber Unicorn - Internet Photo Squeezed

Squeeze 'em,

listen to them jibber jabber, and play for hours!

Glow Alien Tongue.jpg
#TPT Sliver Alien Front.png





TPT All NEON Jabbers in a row - Smaller.
We are the ORIGINAL Jabber Ball! If you don't see your character on our's not a Jabber Ball.
Oshaberi Doubutsu....yeah, that's us too.
Baby w_Jabber Jr.jpg
#TPT Unicorn White Front.png
Ages 18mos +
BPA, Lead, and Phthalate Free
Conforms to the Safety Requirements of ASTM F963

What People Have to Say About Jabber Ball

"My daughter Ella is on the autism spectrum, she uses them to stem and they are loved by many on the autism spectrum. We were at Disney and she took her Jabber Ball to soothe her through the overwhelming moments.”
- Lauren Brazee 

This is the best thing for a baby shower! The adults can’t put it down! I have given a few as baby gifts and they are always a hit!

-Kara R. from NC



My son fell in love with this after watching a YouTube video so the Easter bunny put one in his basket and let me tell you this thing is as hysterical in real life as it is on the internet! Well made, adorable and lots of fun!

-Sheryl C. from FL

I keep this at my bedside table so anytime I'm feeling low I have something to giggle at; if you don't have one you're missing out, worth every cent lol

-Tiffany from NY


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